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Since 2000

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Behaviour Brain Research project was launched at the end of the 20th century with the aim of developing software in the field of behavioral neuroscience (biological psychology).

Over time, the project has created some applications software outside these areas (beggars can't be choosers).

All our applications are primarily designed for scientific and research purposes. All our apps are free and will be free.

The purpose of this website is to provide users with basic information about our applications.

On this website you can:

  • find background information on all of our software applications
  • download the latest versions of all of our software applications
  • take the help files, project documentation, catalogs and manuals with examples of specific applications, if they exist
  • get the answers to some frequently asked questions
  • make contact with us

You need a free Web research? Choose Mountain air.

Last released new application: PMPT - Parallel M-P task. More info: here

Latest application update: Clock task version v2.0 has been released. More info: here

Some of our products are:

Mountain air is a free web application for creating and starting surveys on the Apache HTTP Server.

WinTG is a free desktop application for creating and starting surveys on the Windows operating system.

NetTG is a free web application that is used to start surveys on ASP.NET (.NET) Framework.

Blue planet corner. First, let's meet the relatives:

  • Gorilla.  An example that you don’t have to always eat meat to be very strong and smart.
  • Orangutan.  An example that you can be a successful species, even though you are not a very social animal. You can be very empathetic and emotional at the same time. And you don't care what others think of you on social media.
  • Chimpanzee.  Unfortunately, he also belongs to the family. An example that aggression, destructiveness and selfishness are often the winning formula for success. Of course success is a relative thing. Because what is a success for one species is often not good for other species and the entire planet. Monoculture is often an alarm signal for the wider context.

Do you like planet Earth and other animal species? Do you think that this planet does not belong only to our species? You don't believe in all previous attempts to repair the situation? Consider this:  VHEMT  or  VHEMT.  The decision is yours alone and of course no one else has the right to decide for you.

If the above option is a bit too extreme for you, consider this: Think like an Animal. Is that selfish? Perhaps. But.. Animals consume only as many resources as they need. Animals will kill other animals only when they have to survive. People won't. Never be ashamed of your relatives. The family is one of the fundamental and strongest forces in nature.

Is all this complete nonsense to you? It is possible that you are absolutely right. But remember what Harry Callahan said: Opinions are like assholes. Everybody has one but they think each others stink.